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Jennyfirsttimemum Sun 11-Nov-18 17:51:57

DS will be 4 months tomorrow and i am wondering what your 4 month old's feeding and sleeping routine is each day??

How long does he/she stay awake between naps and how many naps does he/she have each day, also how long they last?

Did you use a carrier or sling? I don't think mine is a good brand - too small

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 12-Nov-18 21:38:30

It’s been a while since mine were babies. Hopefully this will bump for you smile

Cleojinx Tue 13-Nov-18 07:43:43

We didn't have a sleeping routine until 5 months ish. They're still newborns up to 4 months so nothing wrong with allowing them to sleep whenever they feel they need to. I think awake time was 2-3 hours tops. Feeding, we were on 4 8oz bottles every 4 hours but sleeping 8 hour stretches (luckily!). When he got to 5/6 months nap schedule was 7:30 wake up, 9:30 nap until 11:30am and then another nap from 2pm - 4pm, 7pm bedtime.


Jennyfirsttimemum Wed 14-Nov-18 05:19:16

Thanks for your reply's....

I've got some sort schedule going...
Bubs is breastfed, nearly 4 months...

6.30pm bedtime
Sleeps till 12.30/1am for feed and then 4am - occasionally 5am...
Will go back down till we get up together at 7am and start the day...
I aim for a 8.30/9am nap but it's usually only 30 mins
Again a nap at 11.30/12noon - again varies between 20 mins to 30.
Final nap before bedtime is 3pm - and again 30 mins or not at all!

Hoping these day naps will get longer and the night feed will reduce. So happy though that I can rely on the 6.30pm to 1am sleep through.. has been doing that since 2months! But as always - 4 months could bring change!

I do look for the tired signs but it doesn't always translate to naps!!

Anyone else have a schedule they would be keen to share? Tips from second time mums be awesome...

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