MMR Vaccinations

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mincymoo124 Wed 07-Nov-18 14:35:36

Can anyone please give me advice on the MMR vaccinations... I am in 2 minds whether to let my baby have her vaccinations in a couple of weeks

I am hearing that there's research suggesting that it can lead to autism

I am basically wanting to hear people's opinions for and against it

I'm really unsure about the right thing to do


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Witchend Wed 07-Nov-18 15:20:40

There is no reliable research that suggests it leads to autism. The scientific community is unanimous in this and highly frustrated that one very flawed inaccurate report that has been totally discredited still features so highly in people's minds.

Your child his much more likely to suffer disability or even death if they contract measles or mumps, which are increasing in numbers of children recently.

Kleinzeit Wed 07-Nov-18 15:40:30

There is no new research that suggests this; the research that suggests that MMRC can lead to autism is old and flawed. Newer research suggests that MMR has no effect on autism either way.

The dangers of catching measles (etc.), or the dangers of incubating measles and passing the disease to someone else, are real.

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