Colic/wind/reflux newborn- help!

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surreygirl1987 Fri 02-Nov-18 22:25:54

I'm at my wit's end. I absolutely adore my 3-week old little boy and it's breaking my heart to see him in pain and so unhappy. He seems almost permane you windy. He cries most of the time when he's awake. He sleeps fairly well through the night (possibly because he's been awake all day?), thankfully seeking only ever 2-3 hours to feed, but the day time is a constant torture for us both. He gets red in the face, wails, feeds constantly, seems in pain/arches his back, kicks his legs frantically, and makes horrendous grunting, straining and groaning noises. I just don't know what to do. I've researched these symptoms and it seems to be colic, wind or silent reflux. I have made a drs appointment for Monday but am dreading the weekend. It's wrecking these early days for us all- I just can't bear to see him so unhappy. We've tried infacol and it didn't seem to make a difference. We're going to try infant gaviscon now. If that doesn't work we'll try gripe water. We're burping him plenty (though he often doesn't actually burp) and keeping him upright as much as possible. He is exclusively breast fed (with nipple shields). Anyone got ANY advice at all? It's so hard seeing him like this in so much distress...

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Haz1516 Sat 03-Nov-18 08:45:49

Does he cough or splutter during feeds? It could be that you have a fast letdown causing him to gulp and be windy. I struggled with this until baby was around 12 weeks and it was terrible. I’ve never used nipple shields so not sure how this could affect things.

Have you tried expressing and introducing a bottle? I left it too late as I was worried about creating further oversupply by pumping, but now regret it as it could have saved a lot of the windy issues caused by my letdown and my baby now won’t take a bottle at all! It might be worth trying to see if it makes a difference.

Haz1516 Sat 03-Nov-18 08:51:34

Also, try leaving back when feeding to see if it makes a difference.

FTMF30 Sat 03-Nov-18 20:30:42

I would personally try the gripe water before the infant gaviscon. Infant gaviscon can cause terrible constipation in babies.
You might just have to give him a chance for his gut to nature. My baby was (still kind of is the same at 3months.
Things it could be are:
*Tongue tie - unable to latch properly so swallows lots of air,causing wind problems. This was the case with my LO.
*cows milk protien allergy - have you tried removing dairy from your diet
*lactose intolerance - similar to above
*infant dyschezia (sp?) - Lo will just need time for his/her but to mature.
*overactive let down - baby can't keep up with rate your milk comes out

Given the symptoms, things thatmight help could be:
*gently burping after every feed, maybe even in between one feeding
*feeding little but more often
*double feeding from one breast to ensure baby gets the rich fatty milk (look up home milk and fire milk. If be crap at explaining it)
*feedbaby in upright position
*avoid allowing baby to lie flat onback as much as possible
*ensure babies happy isn't on top right
*give plenty of yummy to time- it helps them dart the wind out
*plenty of warm baths
*tummy massages with almond oil
*try taking a probiotic supplement

surreygirl1987 Sat 03-Nov-18 22:07:30

Thanks so much for the advice. In answer to a couple of questions- yes I do think I have fast let-down. He does sometimes come off and cough/splutter. I do try and lean back for feeds at home but I'm not sure if it makes much difference! We did try expressing and bottle feeding for a day when he was 3 days old when I was struggling with breastfeeding but he didnt take to the bottle too well and there was lots of sputtering then (possibly my poor bottle technique though) but I am reluctant to bottle feed now anyway as I've been told air can be worse and cause even more wind??

Thanks also to @FTFM for yh4 list of suggestions. Trying a lot of those already and will try lots of your other ideas. The only one I didn't understand was:
*ensure babies happy isn't on top right
What does this mean please? Do you mean nappy? But I still don't really know what you mean.

Thanks SO much for all the help. Mumsnet can be a lifeline at times like these when you have to wait to speak to a health professional!

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FTMF30 Sun 04-Nov-18 11:25:37

OP, sorry about my terrible typos. Have been posting one handed from my phone (which also has terrible auto correct!)

I meant make sure LO's nappy isn't on too tight. I dont mean have it hanging off but if its too tight, it exagerrates digestive/wind problems. Also avoid outfits that have waistbands such as trousers and skirts. Assuming you wouldn't bother with those things at your babies age anyway, but a tight waistband can really irritate them.

Also, in terms of the probiotic, I did find it helped after a week of daily consumption. I used a children's version. You can mix with expressed breast milk but I became terribly paranoid about giving anything direct to my baby after his gaviscon constipation, so I just sprinkled it on my granola instead and baby consumed through having my milk. I think the use is called optibac.

surreygirl1987 Mon 05-Nov-18 03:53:35

Opribac!! Yes I've just been reading up on that! Thank 5ou I will def try that. No gaviscon constapation yet - quite the reverse!! Have bow made an appointment with a paediatrixian and and osteopath do I really hope they can help! Thank you!!

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Haz1516 Mon 05-Nov-18 07:52:38

If you try a bottle again, maybe try th MAM ones. They’re the closest my LO came to accepting and are anti colic. My baby also happily takes a MAM dummy and during the first 12 weeks it was a bit of a saviour at times.

surreygirl1987 Tue 06-Nov-18 17:35:35

Thank you. Paediatrician now thinks he may have a cow's protein allergy so I've got to go dairy free to see if they helps!

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