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alpha mums only - no pj slackers

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CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:11:28

i ahev played tennsi and swam wiht my kids
they will be the david Wilkies of hte south west

CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:12:41

come one
alhoa you can tlak a good game

iota Sun 17-Jun-07 20:13:48

DS1 went tobogganing twice this week - does that count?

colditz Sun 17-Jun-07 20:14:03

<<hitches voluminous off-white velour trackies up>>

CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:14:17

yes oyu haev to THUS find hte name of the icon you are tyring to emulate

FioFio Sun 17-Jun-07 20:14:59

Message withdrawn

CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:15:35

you are therefore Princess diana of wales
aka hte peopels princess

sniff Sun 17-Jun-07 20:16:17

Ive cooked with them today --- Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver

Drove 150 miles with them on Saturday -- Lewis Hamilton (DH can wish)

CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:16:41

you cna have margeurtie patten

PandaG Sun 17-Jun-07 20:16:57

we trecked in the rain to see a pair of breeding Ospreys and their young this weekend, does that count?

CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:17:22


you arew kate humble
( but wit GHDS)

FioFio Sun 17-Jun-07 20:17:23

Message withdrawn

hatrick Sun 17-Jun-07 20:18:44

Message withdrawn

Quattrocento Sun 17-Jun-07 20:20:09

Cooked with them today

Took them swimming and to tennis yesterday

Never wear pyjamas on the school run

Am not sure this makes me alpha material. Instead of swimming and tennis, I have learned that REAL alphas do kumon and mandarin.

Scootergrrrl Sun 17-Jun-07 20:21:07

I'm aiming for Kofi Annan after a day of refeering...

CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:21:13


southeastastra Sun 17-Jun-07 20:25:54

whatever happened to david wilkie? i liked him, he had a moustache

Issy Sun 17-Jun-07 20:26:44

Yesterday I took DD1 to the first half of Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall whilst DH took DD2 to the Creepy Crawly exhibition at the Natural History Museum. At the interval we swapped children so they both had a fully rounded cultural experience. We then sang songs (French) in the car and went home to eat homemade sushi for dinner. (Actually the last sentence is a complete lie - DD2 groaned in the car and then said 'I'm going to be sick' and promptly was. I managed to catch all the vomit in a handy sandwich bag and dispose of said bag in a nearby dog poo bin making me, in practical terms, a super-Alpha mummy. And I loathe sushi.)

Today slipped to Zeta status. We lay in bed so long this morning that DDs (4 and 6) foraged for breakfast and then took pity on us and brought us up juice, cheese and biscuits. By midday they were swarming the climbing frame in their pyjamas. By mid-afternoon lunch had slipped into tea and the day ended with both of them stripped down to their knickers and thigh high in a mud bath they'd created in a flower bed. One day of Alphadom was quite enough.

PandaG Sun 17-Jun-07 20:40:15

No GHD's here, I'm naturally curly! We were camping in Rutland for the weekend and as knew about the nesting birds we took the DC too see them as were so close! Was fab, although got blardy wet!

MaloryTowers Sun 17-Jun-07 20:45:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ViciousSquirrelSpotter Sun 17-Jun-07 20:48:05

Made DS do his homework today

Provided him with food <racks brain to remember if he actually ate any vegetables today>

Oh yes he did. Not five portions though.

Oh soddit. <slips down the rankings to delta>

CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:59:43


MaloryTowers Sun 17-Jun-07 21:00:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oliveoil Sun 17-Jun-07 21:02:16

we drove to Blackpool for an hour so they could ride on a horse and carriage (been watching wizard of oz)

and they snacked on sugar snap peas whilst all around was a sea of grease and slime

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 17-Jun-07 21:02:54

I have been accessorizing solidly for the past month

I have been taking the LO's swimming every week (when they arent ill or contagious, or being flower girls at weddings).

I have an organised mum pocket life book

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