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"Alpha mums turn parenting into a serious issue and motherhood into martyrdom, and the result is nobody has any fun"

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Twiglett Sun 17-Jun-07 18:16:42

article in sunday papers says Alpha Mum might have had her day

and that Beta Mums are raising confident happy children

well hurrah

Louplet Sun 17-Jun-07 20:51:58

Sounds to me like Beta is the new Alpha

pointydog Sun 17-Jun-07 20:28:30

I see, quat. Makes sense now.

FioFio Sun 17-Jun-07 20:27:43

Message withdrawn

Quattrocento Sun 17-Jun-07 20:27:02

After 11, he believes in rationing them to one or two hobbies. The things they are really interested in.

But as I have found with swimming, one hobby can be pretty all consuming - involving five or six outings a week.

I would like my children to be couch potatoes. Really I would!!!

Judy1234 Sun 17-Jun-07 20:26:48

Qu, that was what we did in a sense although mostly in school, not out and with 3 at university it's interesting what they've picked now as the things they love but if they hadn't been introduced to all those things then they wouldn't have had the choices or options. the 22 year old at the moment is riding every day and she's going to help the children of alpha parents learn to sail in the Caribbean for the summer shortly. She's doing those things she loves because of what she had the chance to do as a child, although actually she had hte chance because we worked and earned enough money to buy the interests in some senses I suppose.

foxinsocks Sun 17-Jun-07 20:25:38

lol MI

I'm going to join her in Omeganess.

We didn't get out of our PJs till about 10ish and only had breakfast at 11 .

Don't think I have the energy to be Alpha. Sounds awfully tiring (and tiresome).

pointydog Sun 17-Jun-07 20:24:33

quattro, what happens after 11?

pointydog Sun 17-Jun-07 20:23:56

life as a beta is so much more... comfortable. I think I'll be beta for ever and ever.

NikkiBFG Sun 17-Jun-07 20:23:55

Does your DH's theory include him running them to all these activities or you??? If its you and not him, wonder how long his theory would hold if he did it all???!!

Quattrocento Sun 17-Jun-07 20:17:30

Dh has a theory that until around 11 children should be allowed to try any hobby or pastime they express an interest in.

Now I realise that | have been doing it ALL wrong. Instead of this sporty stuff, I should have been hothousing them in maths, introducing them to mandarin, and teaching them greek as well.

If you fail to make the grade as an alpha, but don't meet the criteria for a beta, what are you?

<Please don't say hopeless>

Meansleeves Sun 17-Jun-07 20:16:39


CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:16:17


NikkiBFG Sun 17-Jun-07 20:16:00

Ha ha!!!!

CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:15:11

yes but yt smy game adn MY rules

,goes off muttering abotu nikki>

NikkiBFG Sun 17-Jun-07 20:15:09

FioFio!!! <nodding in agreement emoticon>

NikkiBFG Sun 17-Jun-07 20:14:32

Cod - didn't you post the other week about how you didn't like people specifying certain types of people to join a thread????

FioFio Sun 17-Jun-07 20:14:23

Message withdrawn

iota Sun 17-Jun-07 20:14:19

I'm an Iota mum

CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:13:52

CuttingCod Sun 17-Jun-07 20:13:36

alpha ,ums
please move over to OUR thread

NikkiBFG Sun 17-Jun-07 20:12:54

I think its great that when they start asking to do things, you let them because that's something they want to do and I would encourage that in DS when he's a bit older, but at the moment, I really do feel he benefits more from short outings to the park or mixing with other friend's babies and still getting his proper naps etc - he's so unhappy if I take him out for the afternoon and he doesn't get to nap properly!

Blandmum Sun 17-Jun-07 20:11:09

Phah! picture writing. We did that in utero!

bookwormmum Sun 17-Jun-07 20:10:11

Don't forget Eygptian hieroglyphics.

Blandmum Sun 17-Jun-07 20:08:45

100X. just Latin?

Shouldn't you be on to Greek by now? Or Sanskrit?

Alpha mum , my arse!

bookwormmum Sun 17-Jun-07 20:08:34

I didn't do any baby classes for my dd either but since she's gone to school, she's added ballet/tap/football/Rainbows to her swimming classes as most of her friends go as well. I must admit it's gotten me talking to more parents than if she didn't go. But I'm not learning my Mandarin sat here typing this then .

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