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"Alpha mums turn parenting into a serious issue and motherhood into martyrdom, and the result is nobody has any fun"

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Twiglett Sun 17-Jun-07 18:16:42

article in sunday papers says Alpha Mum might have had her day

and that Beta Mums are raising confident happy children

well hurrah

NikkiBFG Sun 17-Jun-07 20:07:45

lol at hundred times

Quattrocento Sun 17-Jun-07 20:07:32

The things I take my 2 children to are:-

(a) Swimming things. This includes lessons, clubs and galas and involves ferrying one or both of them somewhere approximately five times a week.
(b) Tennis things. Twice a week.
(c) Music things. Only once a week. Hurrah. This is mainly done through school but piano teacher poorly this term so this is a temporary fix.
(d) Football things.

All of these activities are a total PITA, and have to be scheduled around work and my complex (and to some extent unsatisfactory) childcare arrangements.

Meet other parents? Do me a favour. I don't want to meet other parents. In fact mostly I don't want to be there at all. I do it because my infants expressed an urge to go. Except for ths swimming, which is something I started because I was frightened of them not being competent around water.

Writing all this down has made me realise I am a total mug. I am going to practice saying NO in the mirror.

FioFio Sun 17-Jun-07 20:07:11

Message withdrawn

ahundredtimes Sun 17-Jun-07 20:06:44

<holds head in hands>

Nikki, Nikki. I'm going to put dcs to bed now, after we've done our IQ improving exercises and recited our latin verbs, and then I'm coming back to give you a good alpha talking to.

NikkiBFG Sun 17-Jun-07 20:05:02

I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one!

I think these days, its more along the lines of if you aren't seen to be taking your child to whatever classes, you are seen to be failing as a parent, hence the pressure to do so. My DS is sooooo sociable, beams in company, doesn't cry when new people hold him and I always get complimented on how content he is and as yet, he has hardly been to any classes - just lashings of attention from DH, family and myself and mixing with other friend's babies!

ahundredtimes Sun 17-Jun-07 20:01:39

Nonsense, Nikki, they are for the development and advancement of our children, so they can do more things and be better at things than all the others, in this way they will then in turn be more successful in our hyper competitive world.


NikkiBFG Sun 17-Jun-07 20:00:39

Noooo!! I'm all for one or two classes a week but I fail to see how a stressed parent rushing around like a mad thing to do lots of different classes in one week is good for the child. I personally think (and I know I'm going to get lynched for this but...) the classes are more for the parents to meet other parents than the kids......

ahundredtimes Sun 17-Jun-07 19:59:27

Bookworm - you're going to get a nanny. I'll get you one, and she'll be fluent, I promise.
My poor children still haven't been in the shower because I'm having to drag you lot through to Alpha Status. Help! The timetable is collapsing. . . ..

Blandmum Sun 17-Jun-07 19:58:11

lOL at timetableing Dwarves.

'It is Grumpy's turn to practice the violin, Doc, you get started on your Cyrillic'

ahundredtimes Sun 17-Jun-07 19:58:11

Yes Nikki it is. Get with it.

bookwormmum Sun 17-Jun-07 19:57:56

Supposing you don't have a Nanny? Who can I teach Mandarin to then?

NikkiBFG Sun 17-Jun-07 19:57:07

I'm a Beta mummy and actually feel quite that its not that great to be ferrying DS around to lots of different classes because er...well....I just don't do it!!

All that rushing around to various classes can't be good for them really can it??!!

ahundredtimes Sun 17-Jun-07 19:56:32

No, MB the nanny is going to teach us all. She's got a first from Cambridge, but she really 'loves children'. Dwarves hmmm. They'll have to be timetabled somehow.

Aloha Sun 17-Jun-07 19:56:24

No, honestly, admitting I need reading glasses makes me feel older than that simple sentence can fully express

ahundredtimes Sun 17-Jun-07 19:55:49

But I've got to go and put them to bed first, before this transformation can take place.

Blandmum Sun 17-Jun-07 19:55:45

100x, but where will the Dwarves fit in?

Will you have to teach them mandarin as well?

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 17-Jun-07 19:54:04

Aloha, you just did

ahundredtimes Sun 17-Jun-07 19:54:04

Oh. Enough Ladies! Come on let's be Alpha Mums, it'll be fun. We can talk Mandarin to our nanny, still get the best seats and it seems that our children will not only be able to spell but they'll also be able to do their x tables.
I'm going to be one. Sounds wonderful.

bookwormmum Sun 17-Jun-07 19:48:14

Is there an option after delta mums?

<<looks up Greek alphabet>>

Aloha Sun 17-Jun-07 19:47:49

Or get some reading glasses! Oh god, I really think I need reading glasses. That makes me feel so old, I can't tell you.

FioFio Sun 17-Jun-07 19:46:44

Message withdrawn

pointydog Sun 17-Jun-07 19:45:59

it's like 'must do beta'

Aloha Sun 17-Jun-07 19:45:39

Or even kink-aware.

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 17-Jun-07 19:44:56


Is Beta Mum like...... Beta ware.....? Beta buy?

I'm a delta mum.

Aloha Sun 17-Jun-07 19:44:42

I never get anywhere early.

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