How can I encourage 4yo to make better eye contact ?

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breathandrelax Sun 28-Oct-18 22:46:09

Our 4 year old doesn’t always like to make eye contact when she talks to you and I’m wondering if I should be making an issue and how can I encourage better eye contact? A little google search take some to Austim possibilities but I’m not concerned about autism as she doesn’t show any other traits of it. It’s really just the eye contact. She will make eye contact when she wants to, and she will do it herself with friends etc but just not always. Is that normal?

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Lara53 Mon 29-Oct-18 10:22:48

Encourage gently by explaning why it’s nice to make eye contact, but don’t force it. If there is some ASD making eye contact can be extremely difficult/ distressing

ghostsandghoulies Mon 29-Oct-18 12:16:25

Has she had her vision and hearing tested? Is she shy? Is the person that she should be making eye contact at her level?

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