DD suddenly having multiple toilet accidents

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pinkcarpet Sun 28-Oct-18 15:55:19

Anyone got any experience of what could cause a toilet regression? DD1 is 4 and has been reliably toilet trained for about a year. Few accidents here and there in the past 12 months but overall pretty good.

This week she's wet herself 3 times at night and had 4 daytime accidents. We've had her tested for a UTI and apparently she's all clear. What else could cause this? She seems to be leaving it right to the last minute and then ends up peeing all over her clothes in the bathroom. She also wet herself about 3 minutes after leaving nursery on Friday despite having assured me she definitely didn't need a pee before we left to walk home. She doesn't enjoy the experience and has ruined her favourite pair of shoes this week, so its not at all deliberate, but she doesn't seem able to stop leaving it so late

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 28-Oct-18 16:29:40

im not sure what caused it, but a friend of mine went through a similar thing with her dd. she actually bought one of these watches link and set it to vibrate every hour. she then told her dd that every time it went off, she was to go to the toilet, even if she didnt think she needed it. it did seem to work for her . all the best x

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 28-Oct-18 20:38:37

I think it’s pretty common behaviour, especially in girls. My DD is older but I still don’t trust her 100% to know when she needs to go. She’s a bugger for saying she doesn’t need a wee, then being desperate 10 minutes later, usually when you’ve arrived somewhere with no loos.

If you’re leaving somewhere like Nursery or home, I’d insist that she at least tries before you leave. It might not cure things, but it might cut down on accidents.

My DS had a lot of tonsillitis and the only avvidents he ever had was when a really nasty bought was brewing.

pinkcarpet Mon 29-Oct-18 06:13:55

I'd agree the odd accident here or there does happen and would be normal but this has now been 8 times in 7 days including 3 times yesterday.

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