9 year old, is this normal??

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Snappymcsnappy Sat 27-Oct-18 12:51:56

I am finding my 9 year old son, wearing..

He is quick to frustrate, and then give up.
For example, he wanted a sandwich just now and I suggested he make it himself.
He didn’t want to because he is no good though with steady insistence he did eventually come in and make it himself.
Tried to cut it, couldn’t on the first attempt so hands up in the air ‘oh! See! I told you I couldn’t! You just do it’
Eventually he did it himself, though still couldn’t resist telling me it had only worked because I helped him..

Very small things can send him into meltdown, crying because the internet suddenly stopped for example.

Generally he is quite an arrogant and bolshy character.
Questions everything, answers back.
Often in a banter type way ‘oh shut up, you fool!’
Frequently looks at me like I am a total idiot.

He very much sees everyone as equal and has no problem whatsoever in challenging anyone he thinks is in the wrong.
If he deems it necessary, he is not above getting aggressive, posturing, nose to nose, even striking..
This trait has not surprisingly got him in trouble at school on many occasions.

As he is quick to frustrate other kids at school know how to push his buttons, I have gotten calls so many times after another child has been mean to him and pushed him for example, presumably for a reaction, and he has smacked them.
He has to take special classes at school to help him not be so reactive and calm down.

Course he has lots of good traits too, very helpful, very kind, considerate, looks out for his siblings etc.

Sometimes I think he is nothing more than a child with a more domineering personality, coming into puberty and testing the boundaries, other times I really worry that there might be something wrong and maybe his behaviour isn’t so normal?


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Joexxx Sun 28-Oct-18 22:21:19

Hello I have a 9 year old son! And it is hard work! So I know how u feel. I have a daughter who is eager to please, but my son would like to say no to everything I say. I will say I see a massive difference in him if he has had football time/walks in the woodlands and restricted/no screen time. Do you punish him when you feel he is stepping over the line? Does he apologise? Ps I also think it’s gonna get harder!!

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