6 year old out right rude and disrespectful .. how to deal with it ?

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user1464795209 Thu 25-Oct-18 21:54:49

Hi everyone
So my dads recently turned 6 and he’s always been a ‘moody’ character and can often be very rude and resistant to any form of authortive figure . Obviously it goes without saying I adore him but I’m starting to feel at a loss with what to do about his rude back chat / disrespect . For example , I could say ‘please bring your rubbish to the bin’ and he will
Shout ‘nope I’m tired ‘ in a loud shout or raised voice . He will repeat the ‘no ‘ etc no matter what way I ask. He will often reply with ‘nope not doing it ‘ and walk away with a sassy walk and refuse to comply . How do I deal with this ? I do time out / consequences etc . I try ignoring small things like tutting or rolling eyes but I feel I cannot ignore his refusal and rudeness to simple requests like picking up
His own litter . I know half of it is he likes to feel in control and he says things for attention/ shock factor so ideally ignoring would work but I feel like that’s giving in/ giving him the power to be rude and continue to refuse to follow simple instructions . His sister who is 3 also looks at him when he’s doing this and I worry she will copy . Any ideas welcome .
Feel really mind boggled with how to tackle this . He can be lovely at times and sometimes will comply but the non compliant stages and rude back chat is becoming more and more . I give praise for good choices / he has one to one time with me / rewaed charts / I always follow through with a consequence such as no iPad or leaving a park etc but I can’t see what else I could do to tackle this .
Thanks in advance

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user1464795209 Thu 25-Oct-18 21:56:36

That should say DS not dads lol

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user1464795209 Fri 26-Oct-18 16:14:12


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seizedfromthegrave Fri 26-Oct-18 21:39:02

Hope you get an answer. I have exactly the same problem with my 5 year old. He's rude and won't do a thing he's told. If I reprimand him, he screams and shouts. He's also started destroying things. I'm at my wits end.

Snappymcsnappy Sat 27-Oct-18 13:14:59

This is my 4 year old daughter!!
All of my children seem to have very domineering personalities angry

I assume it has to be inherited and not a lack of boundary thing as me and DH are quite strict!
It is very wearing.

All three are very kind, compassionate, funny individuals aside from it though if that makes you feel any better.

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