What can I do?

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SofaKingFedUp Thu 25-Oct-18 16:27:20

Have a 6 month old DD.
She's very social absolutely loves people and attention (what baby doesn't) but I get so many comments about how smiley and happy she is.
That is until we are at home, ok she's not that bad. But she contanstly wants entertained, like human interaction! It's so exhausting. I'm a single parent, and don't really have any friends (moved around alot) my mum is here and is a great help but I don't want to keep falling back onto her as she helps alot anyway.
I have lots of toys for DD to play with, I have a jumperoo which she plays with the most (15 mins at a time), I play with her as much as possible but sometimes I would just like her to entertain herself so I can do things around the house.
She's started doing this high pitched whine, she's not in pain because as soon as someone gives her attention she stops and smiles, but if I ignore the whinging and whining it turns into a full blown cry with tears and everything. Then I pick her up and she's laughing again.
What can I do? I make time to play with her alot so it's not like I'm ignoring her or leaving her alot but, man she's just so demanding. Like all day everyday. It's not stop and it's driving me crazy.
Recently I can't even leave the room and she starts. Is this normal? Is there something I can do to stop this before it gets worse? Intake her out to soft play and out in the pram which she loves but if we stay in the house for a day she hates it. I'm exhausted.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 28-Oct-18 09:29:50

All totally normal. This is a very MN suggestion but have you tried sticking her in a sling? That way she can watch what you’re upto and still feel close.

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