Concerned for my Nephew

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Mum0fteens Tue 23-Oct-18 22:56:41

So my Nephew just turned 2 he is a very smart little boy and understands what's being asked of him, can point out colours and shapes and has always loved played with his stacking cups however he has still not spoken a word.
I've tried raising the subject with my sister, his mum and she says it's not a concern and he is very smart and advanced in other areas. My brother in law, his dad gets very defensive and says children shouldn't be compared. I know my sister and I know she must be concerned about this but raising it with her is tricky due to reaction she's given me before.
I then tried speaking to my mum about it who also brushed it off and said he will eventually speak.
Am I right to he concerned and how can I best support my sister with out her getting upset?
Maybe I am over reacting and comparing him to his peers that I know but I can't help being worried for him and want to help him and my sister in the best possible way without hurting anyone's feelings.

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inabox Wed 24-Oct-18 09:50:37

In all honesty I think you should but out. I'm sure you mean well but if your sister wanted your advice, she would ask for it.

SO many people worry about kids not talking early enough but it just varies so much! I'm sure he will be fine.

beccii161016 Wed 24-Oct-18 19:21:57

I'd be concerned as well but her little boy will be coming up for a check from the HV soon. If he still hasn't spoken a word then the HV will likely recommend or put a referral in for an appointment to see what is going on.

He sounds very smart!

GoBigOrange Wed 24-Oct-18 20:44:58

My son had extremely limited speech until he was 2.5 years old. Maybe a dozen words, which he didn't really make much use of. He turned three at the end of July, and these days he is an utterly relentless chatterbox with no apparent additional needs. So it is entirely possible that you are worried about nothing, especially as I know more than a few other late talking children who turned out just fine.

It doesn't matter if your concerns are justified or not though, as he has two (presumably loving and capable) parents who are not worried about his development - or not worried enough to act anyway. You've given them your opinion already, and that is all you can do. I don't think insisting that you are right and pressuring them to do something will do anything except annoy them.

Twillow Wed 24-Oct-18 21:02:58

Some children, often bright ones, do just 'soak it all in' until they are confident with the rules and then start speaking pretty well after being apparently mute! Just be positive , loving and supportive of his strengths and IF there IS an issue you may be trusted for your advice when they are ready. But don't push it now.

JKCR2017 Thu 25-Oct-18 20:07:44

I don’t think you should interfere. Both my DC were and still are speech delayed and there’s nothing wrong worse than constantly being reminded of this. I felt like people thought it was my fault.

At 2, he should be having a 2 year check soon I assume so I’m sure the health visitor will pick up on it if there’s a problem but if he has good understanding and developing well in other areas it probably won’t be a huge concern.

My 7 year old DS was non verbal until 4. He talks non stop now.

My daughter didn’t talk at 2. In fact she didn’t really say much until a little while ago. She is 3 but is catching up.

I didn’t talk until I was 3. I love talking now 😊

mummyoftwounder2s Sun 28-Oct-18 01:09:55

My son is 2 and a half , he wasn't talking much only a couple of months ago but understood and followed instructions. He is now talking a lot more and is capable of repeating most things. I don't think it's a concern, some toddlers won't speak until they are confident and then they surprise you one day.

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