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Is she just having a bad day?

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Bailey20 Sun 21-Oct-18 20:05:35

Hi all, need a bit of advice. DD is 7 weeks old and is normally so happy and smiley during the day, but today not so much. We always have rough nights as she is breastfed and wakes every 2/3 hours for a feed. Getting her to sleep is also a nightmare as she suffers with reflux and her wind is so bad at night you can feel the gas bubbles in her tummy.

DD actually slept quite well last night, she woke properly at 9:30. She normally stays awake for around an hour or two before wanting a feed and then sleeping for 2 hours, this carries on all day. However today she has slept for around 20 minutes before crying and waking up. The only thing that seems to be soothing her is her dummy- she's sucking furiously on it and cried when she yawns and it falls out of her mouth. She's been sucking on her hands when I'm not quick enough putting her dummy back in, and is dribbling loads.

Is this just a bad day? I can't stand to see her cry, she's feeding okay a part from a little fussing, is having wet nappies etc but something just feels different. Like I said she's not slept all day really and that's strange for her. Is this just a bad day? Should I be worried? I don't think this could perhaps be the start of teething as she's so young? Sorry for the ramble, I'm a FTM and don't know who to turn to to ask.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 22-Oct-18 19:40:09

How are things today @Bailey20? smile

Bailey20 Mon 22-Oct-18 20:28:52

Hi, things are a little better today. I'm not quite sure what's going on, I've had the Wonder Weeks app downloaded and it explains that even though DD is 7 weeks old she's just gone through her first leap, as she was born 2 weeks early. She's not due another one but is acting exactly like she did then- fussing when feeding, really bad interrupted sleep and won't stop crying. Today she's seemed better- a bit of fussing when feeding, but she's seemed very alert during the day and wouldn't nap.

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pooch904 Mon 22-Oct-18 20:34:26

My little girl is 7 weeks today, had to stop bf after 4 weeks ( severely bleeding nips after cluster feeding) so she's now bottle fed. We've had a day just like this today I'm putting it down to trapped wind as she really suffers with it and did so even when we breastfed. I've just settled her after giving a small amount of warm water and gripe water mix which helped a lot! Shes had a poo this evening and I've given her a warm bath which have all done the trick as shes been so clingy with the discomfort! it's been such a long day! I think she's also having her leap early as her behaviour is mirroring that of her next leap. I hope your lo is settled now xxx

Bailey20 Mon 22-Oct-18 21:03:49

Hi @pooch904, this is exactly how DD is being. She's always suffered with reflux and wind since birth and I've got into the routine of giving her tummy massages, bath before bed and gripe water after feeds if she really can't burp. However she never acts like this with her wind, this is a new type of cry. I'm wondering, like you, if she is having her next leap a bit early.

It's absolutely exhausting isn't it. I hate seeing her cry and not being able to put my finger on what's wrong. Hope your LO settles soon too xx

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pooch904 Mon 22-Oct-18 23:02:58

It makes me wonder how accurate the timing is as she was two weeks over due and I've just read your little one was two weeks under? It's meant to go on your due date isn't it? She's been so over stimulatesld the last week or so on am evening and she's been hard to settle down when she would usually go to sleep, so strange. I'm glad it's not just me as I thought she may have colic at one point haha (way too anxious 1st time mum!) She's asleep now I'm just not sure how long for haha xxx

Bailey20 Mon 22-Oct-18 23:29:57

I'm a FTM too and genuinely have been thinking exactly the same as you! Worrying that my baby has colic and will just scream and cry sad my baby is very stimulated and alert during the day too, makes me wonder now you're saying your LO is too that it's over tiredness and perhaps a new developmental stage? I've put my due date in to the Wonder Weeks app, not her birth date, would our babies have been born roughly the same week then?

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Bailey20 Mon 22-Oct-18 23:30:28

Mine is the same, asleep on my chest but cries when being put down bless her xxx

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pooch904 Tue 23-Oct-18 19:59:50

She is exactly the same! Falls asleep on my chest in the night but won't settle on her own! She usually enjoys her own company stretching out and what not but she didn't want to be put down and constant crying. Shes a bit better today thank God so I'm hoping for a better night fingers crossed. She was born on the 3rd of September but was due on the 24th of August. When was your lo due/born? I've got the right dates in wonder weeks and it says she's not due this leap for another week?! Do you think it will get worse in a weeks time or she will be over it?! I'm so glad I'm not on my own as I thought there was something wrong! Xxx

Bailey20 Tue 23-Oct-18 20:24:49

It's honestly like you're describing my DD 😂 fingers crossed for you, mine was awful last night.

I was due 8th September but she was born 28th August. I have too and I've still got a while to go for the next leap. I think maybe she might be reaching another developmental milestone as she's now dropped a morning nap and is so alert during the day. Hopefully they will be fine soon, I think the second leap and all the ones after that are better, the first is supposed to be the worst as they've not been through it before xxx

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pooch904 Tue 23-Oct-18 20:37:47

Yeah my dd was the same last night! Her first leap was a nightmare which is why I had to stop bf'ing it's was devastating but we were both so not prepared for what it brought! Very strange about the dates then maybe it's just from when there born rather than when they are due?
She's completely changed her routine today she's usually asleep by now and only woke for a feed, tonight she is wide awake and watching great British bake off Haha! I've put her on her mat to kick about hoping she will tire herself out! She's also slowed down on her feeds too she was having 5 oz before now she's only wanting 4. xxx

Bailey20 Wed 24-Oct-18 05:04:39

Oh bless her, do you find DD is more settled being ff? That's what I'm thinking, I'm just really not sure. I'm glad it's not only me! Mine is breastfeeding more often but taking a lot less each time. Thankfully she's been an angel tonight, slept 9-1 then 2-4 after her feed and she's just gone down again. How was your LO? Xxx

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pooch904 Wed 24-Oct-18 09:51:06

I think because she was so tired with the cluster feeding she is more content ff, but I think if I could have got through that stage I'd have carried on however she was feeding so much and was so tired (wasn't latching properly every time) I was too sore and bleeding. After having a break I think my body went into shock and my milk went so I couldn't go back to it. If your concerned you could try top up feeds with formula? It sounds like she's doing great on the boob though I never had that much sleep!! She was awake every 2 hours ... my dd is a hungry baby even on formula she feeds every 3 hours on the dot and take 4-5oz ( now slowed down to 4oz) odd time she'll wait to 4 hours but that's through the night. She slept really well last night I'm so happy!! Xxx

Bailey20 Wed 24-Oct-18 15:13:35

How strange that our DD's are mirroring each other! I'm not really concerned about her putting on weight, I have her weighed every 2 weeks and she puts on between 8 and 11 oz each time. I don't blame you for switching! As long as babies are fed and happy smile xxx

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pooch904 Wed 24-Oct-18 22:36:21

I know! She's had a really good day today but hasn't really slept, shes so alert! Wow that's brilliant your doing so well! Definitely, it was amazing whilst it lasted but it just wasn't meant for us. Xx

Bailey20 Thu 25-Oct-18 11:49:18

Glad your LO is getting on okay! Mine seems to have gotten through whatever it was too xx

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