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How important is it to attend baby classes? **Thread title edited by MNHQ**

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TheRhythmlessMan Tue 16-Oct-18 06:15:31

Will I hinder development if I don't go to any?

I play with her (as in silly faces/voices/expressions), play music and sing, give different textured object to touch and I like to think that, without going overboard, my baby is visually stimulated (though with winter approaching we'll be staying indoors more).

I read that the most important development happens in the first year (DC is now four months).

Do most people go to these classes (sometimes I feel like I'm the only one not going)? I just don't really fancy it.

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TheRhythmlessMan Tue 16-Oct-18 06:16:15

Sorry the post should read "baby" classes!

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Shelley54 Tue 16-Oct-18 08:25:08

I go to classes. But it’s so I get out the house and talk to adults.

As long as your baby is loved and secure, and you interact with them, they’ll be fine.

But give it a go - don’t be put off. Everyone walking through those doors had to be brave the first time.

enidlowrij Fri 19-Oct-18 22:36:36

I went to sensory class but stopped at 8 months because he was on the go and felt he could explore himself then. It was a great class for them. I also went swimming and still do every week, helps their strength and stamina and actually helps them be better at following instructions and better readers when older. It's a lot of fun you can find a swimming centre and just go by yourself or classes or waterbabies there are a few different options, my son is 15 months now and can run across a float board and jump in the water, he closes his mouth and eyes before going under water and holds onto the side by himself and tries to climb out and the bonding is lovely. There are music classes we also have baby gymnastics which he loves there's baby yoga, massage, sing and read all should be free. It doesn't make u a bad mom of your reading, plaging and singing to him daily at home your clearly doing enough. If you don't want to and makes you feel uncomfortable going then don't. Just keep doing what your doing at home x

April45 Tue 23-Oct-18 06:14:30

I think the mixing with other babies is important and you can't mimic this at home. At 4 months, this is a good age to start. No need to stay in in the winter, lots if fun things to explore as the seasons change.

StarfishSandwich Wed 24-Oct-18 20:53:55

My little one is 7 weeks, we go to baby signing and rhyme time. It’s not for him, pretty sure he gets nothing from it if I’m honest but I get restless if I’m at home too much and I’m told I’m difficult to come home to if I’ve been in the house all day and haven’t interacted with other adults 😂

BeeMyBaby Thu 25-Oct-18 11:20:54

I think it's for the parents and to give them ideas and socialisation than the actual baby. At 4 months old what you are doing sounds great and if you want then you could take your baby to a baby & toddler group when they are old enough to crawl/move around. I don't think much (if any) socialisation goes on with other babies at this age.

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