Angry 9 year old DS

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muchchocolate Mon 15-Oct-18 20:50:50

I have three kids and my middle one is a very angry, unhappy boy - me and dh are at our wits end with him. He's always been difficult but tonight culminated in him hitting me as I'd asked him to go to bed over and over and he refused and ran downstairs. I then pretended to video him to show teacher on parents night and he came up and thumped me on the arm pretty hard a few times.
I did then shout at him how dare he and to get to his room but he just refuses. He's got so brave now he just says no to me and dh- no punishment works. Whilst he's in the midst of one of these angry moments he will say he hates us all anyway and wants to live elsewhere. We've taken him to the doc and spoken to school but he behaves perfectly there. It's having a terrible impact on our family life as everything is a battle with him and we all dread it. We thought he'd eventually grow out of it but it doesn't feel that way. Screen bans don't work, Santa not bringing presents doesn't worry him, no play dates. Just don't know what to do anymore and his lack of repentance worries me. My other two saw me crying tonight after he hit me as I was so horrified and they were both so upset but again he didn't care. Dh is out or I suspect he wouldn't have hit me but has hit dh in the past although generally when he's been stopping him getting out his room or something. Sorry that was longer than I meant it to be, any advice/words of wisdom?

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wibbleybibbley Thu 18-Oct-18 17:34:43

I have no helpful advice but wanted to let you know you're not alone flowers My 8 year old ds is like this with the added bonus for us as he's demonic in school too and nothing we or the school have tried have helped so far. Are there any parenting classes you could access that might have other strategies you've not tried? This is my next step if I can find any, the cost of any now is immaterial.

Scientistic Thu 18-Oct-18 22:05:19

Try the Solihull course online. I know you meant well but the filming thing is just drumming in the 'you're naughty' approach. Tell a child enough what they are and they become it. I mean this from a nice place, changing your approach will help, Solihull will help you with that.

I don't mean than you've cause this of course! Just that a change of tactic in some ways may be very beneficial. I am speaking from experience and a complete turn around in child.

Scientistic Thu 18-Oct-18 22:06:52

Scientistic Thu 18-Oct-18 22:07:51

Dm me anytime if you need any more info or someone to talk to flowers

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