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What to do with a 10 week old?

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user1496231209 Sun 14-Oct-18 19:01:52

My little lady is 10 weeks old and I worry I'm not doing enough with her 
We do around 30 mins a day playing on her mat and another 10-20 mins doing tummy time with rattles and a mirror which she enjoys.
If she's not eating or sleeping then she's in her baby chair as my mum has 5 big dogs and she can't be on the floor.
Is this okay? Is there anything else I can be doing?

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albanyd Sun 14-Oct-18 22:26:45

I wouldn't worry too much- just enjoy her newness and as many cuddles as possible at such an early age.

As she gets older, singing nursery rhymes with the hand actions to support her eye development is great (5 little ducks/ 5 little frogs/ say hello to the sun), tummy time, high-contrast picture books are all good.

nannynick Mon 15-Oct-18 06:36:27

Get a sling and wear them. At that age they love just being with you, seeing the world around them. Take the dogs for a walk, go to the shops, just do what you usually do. Talk to them, sing, read a book (any book, they won't care - it's the sound of your voice that they like not the book content).

enidlowrij Fri 19-Oct-18 22:40:19

Baby swimming I started at o weeks and still love it at 15 months we go every week without fail. It's great bonding. Baby sensory, baby music there are so many baby groups. But at 10 weeks I wouldn't go to a music group just too loud and can't actually hold the instumruments better just staying home and singing nursery rhymes with that one. But sensory class is great until they can crawl and properly explore themselves. But again no need for clubs. Reading and playing and singing and just talking and cuddling is most important. X

enidlowrij Fri 19-Oct-18 22:42:55

I feel like some mothers don't talk enough I honestly don't shut up to my son and haven't since day one I just tell him everything I'm doing and what I'm going to do ect. Every word create a connection in their brain the more they then hear that word the stronger that connection gets. How many words an infant years a day is actually crucial and plays a huge role in brain activity and learning in future. Keep up the good work x

Didsomeonesaybunny Fri 19-Oct-18 23:27:02

OP I wondered this too. My DD is only 2 weeks old but I worry I should be doing more. I read to her every day and also sing nursery rhymes to her (although I have to admit I didn’t know any of the words so had to get you tube to help me). I also play with her on her mat but she just lies there at the moment.

We also get out of the house every day, whether that be for a walk, popping to the shops, out for lunch, sensory play group or a mother and baby group. I’m taking her swimming next week and hope to do this every week. I’ve also heard that baby massage and baby yoga is good.

sickmumma Mon 22-Oct-18 08:50:24

At that age I just used to try and get out and about as much as possible with mine, was different with subsequent children as the toddlers had activities we went to but with my eldest I would put him in his carrier and walk the dog, go into town with the pushchair and get some fresh air! Lots of time in bouncer and on his mat and cuddling him really! They are still so little and sleep a lot!!

April45 Mon 22-Oct-18 22:31:09

You'll need to think about how she'll play getting older.. can you shut the dogs out of a bit let her kick around out of her chair

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