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What age did you buy shoes for your DC?

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Mummaluelae Thu 11-Oct-18 19:41:42

I just can't remember when I bought for DS! He 3 now. I travelled to his nursery when he was 8mo via public transport so he had soft soled bootee like shoes on then even though he couldn't walk but were removed at nursery so he could play ect. He walked when he was about 13months.
My DC however started walking independently at 8mo. She's nearly 10m now. She fits a size 4 shoe. Can she wear these now? She has tumbles here and there but hardly ever andbnever getting hurt

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BeeMyBaby Thu 11-Oct-18 20:37:38

If she's walking outside then you can get soft cruising shoes from clarks which have lots of rubber so they don't get scuffed much. She's got good sized feet for 10m do you should have plenty of choice with styles.

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