Please help? New young mum

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ZebraTango Mon 08-Oct-18 15:41:38

Hi everyone.. I have a really angry 3 year old. He recognises his anger and tells me he gets angry and says that it doesn't feel good. The things that trigger him are trivial for instance me cutting his strawberries in half or taking the wrong sock off first! He tells me he doesn't like me all the time and hits me and we seem to have lost our bond a little. I work full time. I went through domestic abuse during my pregnancy and until he was around 18 months when I decided enough was enough. Social services deemed his father as a risk to women and not children so he speaks to his dad over the phone and sees him when his dad can be bothered. Do you think his aggression and anger is because of the abuse and does that mean it is instilled in him??

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