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Could this be autism or just normal?

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WishWashWish Fri 05-Oct-18 21:18:05

I’m not sure if I just compare dc2 to dc1, or if his behaviour is a concern. Dc2 is 4, almost 5.
He is very, what some will call, ‘whingy’. He is very sensitive and seems to cry or get upset at every thing. People, including teachers have commented on how easily upset he gets.
He struggles with any disturbances to his routine. For example, he will ask for food at the same time everyday, even if he had late breakfast/ early lunch he will say he is hungry at 12.30. Same goes for dinner, if I give him dinner at 4.30, he will ask ‘when is dinner?’ At 5pm. ( he can’t tell the time, but seems to know).
He has to be constantly reassured and will repeatedly ask the same question regarding what is happening next, even though he has been told a million times. He asks questions about his routine, what is happening next even though it is the same thing everyday, for eg. Everyday he has to put his book bag in his tray, and he will ask 5/6 times if that what he has to do.
If there is noise or a situation that seems busy, rushed mornings or if his younger sibling starts crying he becomes distraught and covers his ears. Similarly if he is being told off he covers his eyes, when asked about this he says he thinks we can’t see him.
As a toddler he was very good at talking, he had a great range of vocabulary, however his pronunciation did not develop, and although he knew a lot of words, at four years old he is still difficult to understand, although this has improved with speech therapy. He talks in almost a sing song (this was pointed out by a family member who has experience with autism) and at times the way he speaks seems ‘odd’.
He’s a fairly clumsy child and frequently falls over, again this is something that other people have noticed, but I have dismissed. He walked around 16 months and never crawled, so slightly later, but not massively so.
Sorry it is long and rambling, I’m just not sure if he shows typical 4 year old behaviour or if I should be concerned.

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Goldmandra Fri 05-Oct-18 22:59:19

I have two DDs with ASD and a lot of what you describe is familiar. However, there's a lot missing from any brief description on an internet forum and a lot that could be interpreted in different ways.

Nobody on here can really say whether what you're describing is a neurotypical or neurodivergent child, although some people may come on to tell you he is perfectly normal.

If your gut feeling tells you that he is struggling and would benefit from an assessment, early intervention and/or support in school, please make an appointment with your GP and request a referral.

Children with ASD tend to have increasing difficulties as they mature in different ways from their peers. If he needs support, it could take a long time to get it in place (months/years, rather than days/weeks) so the sooner you start the better.

I found ASD hard to come to terms with but it isn't a disaster and whatever the outcome, he will still be the same beautiful little boy he is today.

April45 Sat 06-Oct-18 01:14:44

Maybe.. speak to school if they have similar concerns ask them to refer.

Goldmandra Sat 06-Oct-18 14:50:57

speak to school if they have similar concerns ask them to refer.

The school nurse may be able to make a referral for a neurodevelopmental assessment.

However, do bear in mind that many children with autism mask their symptoms in school and release at home where they feel safer so his presentation could be unremarkable at school.

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