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Is this normal behaviour for a 6yo

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PickledLily Wed 03-Oct-18 18:56:02

I'm struggling with 6yo DD's behaviour, have been for a while. I'm wondering if it's 'normal' for her age and just a phase?

Examples include:
- loses interest very quickly in any activity, unless it's the TV. And the day when she got into Lego and played for 4-5hrs straight.
- does not stop moving. There is always a bit of her that is wiggling.
- easily bored. Hasn't managed to keep up any activities out of school. Says school is boring (she's probably right!)
- scared of being left on her own, except for when the TV is on. Freaks out if I leave the room or doesn't know where I am in the house.
- tries to control play, has a tantrum if it doesn't go her way
- lots of tantrums if she can't get her own way and will lash out (hitting or biting me) - she tantrums with friends at school too (not hitting/biting though)
- doesn't stop talking unless she is moving or watching tv
- doesn't listen to me at all, talks over me and gets furious if I try to interject. I can say her name and it's like she just doesn't hear, and then jumps when i get her attention.
- seems to get more tired than her friends and really struggles to hold it together when tired or hungry

It's the tantrums I'm most concerned about and her inability to stick at anything for longer than 5 mins. I'm thinking it's just a phase, but none of her friends act like this.

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FullOfJellyBeans Wed 03-Oct-18 21:02:14

The things you're describing could point to ADHD/ASD BUT they could also point to immaturity. Have you spoken to her teachers about your concerns?

PickledLily Thu 04-Oct-18 07:59:32

That's kind of where I got to with it all. I'm due to see the teacher in a couple of weeks so will get their view. There is ASD (undiagnosed and diagnosed) in the family and an ADHD referral, so it could be possible.
It's just so intense, wanting my attention 100% of the time. It's exhausting. And no siblings for her to let off steam with.

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PaulMorel Thu 04-Oct-18 09:57:25

Some of her actions are signs of a kid having ADHD. Have you talked to her teacher on what is her behavior at school?

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