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My sons behaviour at home and in school

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lottie712 Tue 02-Oct-18 18:16:46

For the past two years I have mentioned certain things to my sons teachers that worry me and am always told he's fine he's settled on well he's one of our star pupils. My son has always separated home life and school life and will regimently follow the school rules but will not follow any at home, he gets upset if rules aren't followed and if anything has happened in school that day he will not tell any teachers as he thinks they will be mad at him. No matter how many times I try to reinforce they are there to help he just wont tell them, but when he gets to the safety of the house has major meltdowns. for the past year he doesn't want to go to school but is fine when he is there. I have asked my gp for a referral as things are getting worse on a daily basis now but they need a letter from the school but am worried school are going to say things are fine! Has anyone else come across these problems as they think my son now has sensory issues too. Any help would be much appreciated

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