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Toddler will hurt herself

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BlankSpace1 Tue 02-Oct-18 14:59:26

Please someone help, I'm loosing my mind over this.
My youngest turned 2 last week, she has a close attachment to me which seems to trigger a lot of this but it's also when she's angry or protesting something you've said (ie don't touch that) or something.
She will bang her face on the floor (just cut her lips open doing this)
Head but the wall or side, hit herself with her hands or object, I've no idea what to do.

I've tried ignoring it, comforting her, discipline, I just don't want to see her hurt herself.
Any advice please, just had to leave the room cus I just got so upset at her doing it so it's really not great right now

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BlankSpace1 Thu 04-Oct-18 23:21:51


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PaulMorel Fri 05-Oct-18 08:52:36

Consult a doctor about this. She might have ADHD since some of her actions are can't be controlled.

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