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2 year old naughty or more too it ?

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FoxgloveStar Tue 02-Oct-18 07:45:44

If she doesn’t eat her dinner does she go without?

What happens when she hits you?

If you are travelling with her a lot then maybe the lack of regular schedule is contributing to lack of sleeping and eating consistently?

mumof2girl Tue 02-Oct-18 07:26:23

Yes as we travel a lot so it's a god send. I will remove her from the room, either naughty step or if we are out I'll find somewhere quiet and tell her why it's naughty ect. I've just purchased a behaviour chart and stickers hoping that helps.

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FoxgloveStar Tue 02-Oct-18 06:03:36

Your 2 year old has their own iPad? How are you currently dealing with the tantrums?

mumof2girl Mon 01-Oct-18 18:46:25

I'm really at my witts end with my dd who's 2. She's never slept all night, she refuses to eat, naughty, disruptive the List goes on. I've tried removing her iPad when she's badly behaved causing her to paddy and hit me. If she doesn't get her own way she smacks and stamps her feet. Meal times are a night mare as she won't eat. I really feel like a bad mum I'm trying so hard but failing. My eldest who's 9 was a dream compared to this

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