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amyl92 Wed 26-Sep-18 22:49:48

Hi my little one has just turned 1 and he is refereeing food I have tryed everything anything that goes in him mouth he spits out all he what's is him milk witch I have now stopped that he only has one for bed I just feel like he's got to be hungry I don't no what to do next he is my 3rd baby and other 2 was not like it

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Goldmandra Wed 26-Sep-18 22:55:02

I would stop trying to put anything in his mouth and make a GP appointment to check that there isn't something causing pain, etc.

If he's healthy, you need to just put food where he can reach it and let him pick it up and try it when he feels like it. Don't encourage/cajole/help or even watch. Pressure to eat is the best way to get them to refuse food.

beccii161016 Thu 27-Sep-18 09:29:50

Agree with PP, put some food in front of him and let him try it himself. It may take a while but he'll get there.

Also if he's not eating don't stop milk. I know that it is supposed to be cut down a lot due to food being the main source of nutrition after 1 but if your son isn't eating much he needs to be at least having his milk to keep him hydrated.

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