HELP! 3 months old refuses to feed! HELP!!!

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Adrya Thu 27-Sep-18 11:35:32

Thanks for your reply and reassurance! Sorry you’re also having painful feeding sessionssad I actually took him to a pediatrician yesterday and she couldn’t see anything wrong with him, she’s did a urine test, glucose test, etc and all came back normal. Thinks could be the sore throat/teething, and prescribed paracetamol suppositories to try for 3 days see if they make a difference. Also said if that doesn’t work he might have a bit of silent reflux, although that comes with other symptoms, like sleep issues, amd he sleeps like a log, 10-11 hrs at night and short naps throughout the day! And he was a great feeder, he was screaming for his bottle up to 3 weeks ago when he had his jabs, then lost interest in food a bit, and now the screaming and refusing the bottle since last week! I have tried feeding him in different places, with or without noise, doesn’t make any difference! Have now started the paracetamol so will see what happens. He now takes about 22oz at 13 weeks and he was taking 28 at 10 weeks! He has dropped his night feed but doesn’t want more during the day to recoup that, but as he was putting on weight fine HV said don’t wake him up. Hope you LO gets better with feeding xx

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CremeDeSudo Thu 27-Sep-18 09:05:50

He could've been having growth spurts up until now perhaps, I think get him weighed when you can and try not to worry until then. Easier said than done I know!

I've got a 15wk DD now and she's a pain with feeding. She hasn't increased her milk intake since she was 7/8wks! She currently has between 20 and 23oz per day, when for her weight the guidance is closer to 30! She's following her centile line perfectly though so I'm trying to chill about it.

Is he teething? Could he be one of those babies who need distracting/quiet while feeding? DD feeds best in our living room!

Adrya Wed 26-Sep-18 09:50:48

Hi CremeDeSudo, he’s already on level 2 teat, we spoke to HV and they recommended to keep an eye on weight and take him to be seen if it continues?! So not mega helpful. At the moment he’s still gaining albeit very little

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CremeDeSudo Wed 26-Sep-18 09:18:00

What size teat are you using? DS did this around this age and it was because he was getting frustrated. We went up to the next size and everything resolved itself.

Have you spoken to your HV? Is he gaining weight? x

Adrya Tue 25-Sep-18 13:53:59

Hi, sorry for the rant, but new mom here...
Our 3 months old little boy started to refuse the bottle in the past 3-4 days. He’s always been very good with feeding, was mixed fedbut now solely on formula due to very low milk production. He was taking about 850-900ml per day up to his first jabs (at 10 weeks), he then started to be not that interested in food, but still eating about 750ml per day. I should add he started to sleep through the night at the same time (10 hours straight). He has been the happiest baby from day 1, never had any colic, very little wind and he NEVER cries. So about 4 days ago, he started taking about 60-80ml amd then push the teat out and pull away from bottle. I thought he was having an off day and was being a bit more insistent and he eventually took a bit more. The next day he started being worse at feeding time, to the point of him screaming when I put him in feeding position, before the teat touches his mouth! He only took half his usual so called the GP and took him in. GP couldn’t find anything wrong with him and said he’s having a very mild sore throat, and to give him Calpol before feeds. We tried that, it’s a struggle to get the Calpol in him and didn’t make a difference. He doesn’t cry, never seems in any pain, happy and smiling as always, just becomes a nightmare at feeding time! I have noticed more rumbling than usually in his tummy and his poo is a little frothy (sorry TMI), but normal bowel movement apart from that. He still sleeps like an angel, he’s actually sleepier during the day. I have done extensive research on reflux / silent reflux, but he doesn’t seem to have any of the symptoms apart from refusing the bottle? I’m worried sick he’s going to start losing weight at this pace, and GP / HV don’t seem too bothered! He’s 3 months tomorrow (26 September) and weighs 13.7 lb (as of a week ago)
Any advice from mummies who have experienced something similar would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
A very worried Mummy xxx

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