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"Happy" screaming - just a phase?

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Feargalll Tue 25-Sep-18 13:46:48

Hello. Six month old DD has started "happy" screaming. She doesn't seem hungry or tired and there's no dirty nappy. It can be in between bouts of smiles and giggles. She lets out these ear piercing screams. It makes it hard to be in public with her eg coffee shops or restaurants.

I guess I'm just looking for reassurance that this is a phase and it won't stay like this!



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rainingcatsanddog Tue 25-Sep-18 16:35:09

Squealing is annoying and for your sake I hope she decides that whispering is the next skill that she decides to master.

numberseven Wed 26-Sep-18 07:39:22

Mine did that from around 6 months to 11 months.

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