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Help! 6yo DD has stopped eating

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Namethattune Thu 20-Sep-18 10:49:55

DD1 is 6, and 3 weeks ago, out of the blue, she suddenly announced that she was too scared to eat because she "felt like she was going to choke". Since then she has only eaten yoghurt. I took her to the gp after a few days, but he couldn't find anything physically wrong with her.

Her school have been very supportive, and are referring us somewhere (I can't remember what they said) for some help. But in the meantime it seems to be getting worse. She's barely even eating yoghurt now. If we even suggest giving solid food a go she becomes quite distressed, and if we can actually convince her to put something in her mouth she gets almost hysterical and has to spit it out. She's basically surviving on fruit smoothies and paediasure shakes. Last night she even spat out a mouthful of calpol because she thought it had bits in it. Has anyone else been through something similar?

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thismummydrinksgin Fri 21-Sep-18 20:23:09

This is going to sound cruel but have you tried withdrawing everything except drinks so she is really hungry . Then purée food and gradually introduce lumps? Sounds tough . Remember a friends daughter doing this after a tv show at school about chocking. I would get a paramedic or someone in unifor or someone she likes to describe how hard it is to chock and that we have gao reflexes etcx

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 21-Sep-18 21:16:09

Have you talked to her about choking? About how people often choke and you know what to do if she does choke and so do school?

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