5yo Daughter with BO?

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BambooB Sat 15-Sep-18 14:52:36

Just that really, we were playing about an hour ago and smelt strong BO. I took myself to bathroom and had a sniff, certainly wasn't me. But every time DD lifted her arms I could smell it so I had a proper sniff and it was 100% her.

I've given her a shower and got her to wash under her arms as well as use deodorant. Didn't make a big deal of it, I explained that if we don't wash proper it will lead us to smell when we get sweaty. It happens when you start to grow up and now she's growing up this will be the new normal.

But I'm freaking out, I didn't have this till just before I started puberty at 11 years old! Please tell me it's not that!.

Thanks in advance x

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sat 15-Sep-18 15:35:57

have just found a thread of people feeling exactly the same way. they recommend trying fragrance free deodorant (NOT antipersperant )like the one linked below. all the best x


BeeMyBaby Sun 16-Sep-18 21:31:28

This happened to my DD when she turned 6, other suggestions were to swap to organic milk as it may have less hormones added to it but it wasn't practical for us to do that and she has basically stopped drinking milk altogether now (8yo) and the issue is still there. We used https://www.avogel.co.uk/body-care/natural-deodorant/rock-chick/ which has lasted a couple of years so very economical, seems to work on her but did not work on my adult sweat, haha. If other signs of puberty occur then I would take her to the gp but if it's just the bo then it should be fine, my DD hasn't had any other changes in the last 2 years bar the bo.

JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 17-Sep-18 20:42:42

You could always come over to the Preteens section @BambooB. There’s a few of us over there smile

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