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1 year old doesn’t sit still in Gymboree class

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Aaliah1234 Sat 15-Sep-18 08:19:10

Hi all,

I have an active little one year old who hardly sits still and loves to explore. I am happy about this as when he was a baby he hardly used to move lol.

We’re on a really tight budget but I save up for his Gymboree class as I thought it might be good to take him to places where he can get used to listening to instructions and following them but he never sits in the circle, runs away during the transition periods and is only ever interested in the bubbles and parachute. He just wants to do his own thing

I don’t expect him not to explore as he has just started to walk. However, would it really be worth waiting a few weeks to see if he gets used to the activities or shall I just try to look for alternatives

Are there any other acitivies that you’ve done with an active little one that they might enjoy?

The other day he ran away from circle time and fell and banged his head on a piece of equipment at Gymboree sad.

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Aaliah1234 Sat 15-Sep-18 08:22:56

He doesn’t sit still in the library story times either so I’ve decided to give that a break until he’s a bit older!

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beccii161016 Sat 15-Sep-18 08:27:37

Honestly it's completely normal, especially considering he has just learned to walk. My little one has only really started sitting still in the last couple of months and he is 23 months. I think it was helped by nursery as they do circle time. To be honest, the class should expect that a 1 year old isn't going to sit still. If you feel it is a waste of money then I'd hold off for a little while. He'll learn so much by exploring and you telling him what everything he sees is. smile

Witchend Sat 15-Sep-18 12:14:38

1 year old = only still when asleep. grin

ElyElyOy Sat 15-Sep-18 15:38:16

I take my son to soft play: he is never stil land certainly wouldn’t sit in a circle (I’m surprised a class based on gymnastics has any sitting really!). My local gymnastics club has open toddler gym sessions (with gymnastics and soft play and sensory stuff) for £2.50, no sitting involved ;)

corythatwas Sat 15-Sep-18 17:34:50

I think he's far too little for you to look at activities that will teach him to listen to instructions. For the time being, you are there to keep him (and other people's property) safe while he is exploring and exploring is what he should be doing. The rest will come later.

Rainatnight Mon 17-Sep-18 03:07:49

I know it's frustrating when you've paid for something and they won't go along with it, but honestly, 1 is way too young to be able to follow instructions, sit still, etc. He's literally just not able to do that now. His job, developmentally, is to explore and learn about the world, so all of his impulses will be pushing him towards moving around, grabbing at things that interest him etc.

Do you have any Sure Start/children's centres near you? I found their Stay and Play sessions great - completely free, unstructured, and loads to do, so perfect for very little ones to roam around in. Might be worth checking them out in your local area.

Aaliah1234 Mon 17-Sep-18 08:16:09

Thank you ladies. It’s reassuring although I knew he’s developmentally unable to sit still now.

There are little kids who sit in circles during play time but I don’t know if they are a little older than him. My son is a big boy bless him so I’m assuming the other mums would think he’s older than their kids.

I’m going to give Gymboree a few more tries and then freeze my membership if I feel he may benefit from it later. I’ll just take him to the stay and play sessions or just soft play x

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