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5 Days old!!! Not eating

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 17-Sep-18 20:37:54

Hace you managed to get to a BFing Support Group yet? smile

Anylouu Mon 17-Sep-18 12:30:35

Currently no, she's has stopped completely off BF and I told my midwife when she came to visit and she said that's not advisable and I showed her so she saw it herself and she said express for now but when she's better try get her back on to it

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JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 14-Sep-18 19:41:56

Congratualtions on your new LO @Anylouu thanks

Is she feeding from you as well as taking the expressed milk?

Anylouu Fri 14-Sep-18 14:05:01

6oz sorry during the whole day and she's only had 1 1/2 oz during the second day meant to specify that

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arbrighton Wed 12-Sep-18 21:14:59

It's not adviseable to express so early on until feeding is established. Pumping so early will lead to oversupply issues potentially and could really cause bottle preference so BF is harder for her.

6oz is really really too much for a 5 day old baby- her stomach is about the size of a ping pong ball. So 1.5 oz really is enough. And to feed very often.

Anylouu Wed 12-Sep-18 20:59:06

Hiya all,
So I gave birth to my babygirl Riley on the 7th of September and she went from straight latching on my nipple for milk, but I've noticed a couple of days ago she didn't want as much (she's a guzzler). I keep track of her feeds so as I produce a lot of milk I started to express it the first day I fed her was yesterday from expressing and she had 6oz of milk and now from her last feed tonight when I put her down she only drank 1 1/2 oz. I do have another daughter, Harley, but never experienced anything like this. Is it normal for a 5 day old

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