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Thetimehascometo Tue 11-Sep-18 23:47:56

Hi all,

We are looking to start DD (pfb, preemie, 16 weeks old, 10 weeks adjusted ) swimming!

We have been looking around and there are SO many companies offering swimming lessons we don't know where to even start.

I went to the local leisure centre today and they run 13 sessions for £75, which seems like good value to us, although we are unsure of the normal prices for companies like water babies, would we likely miss anything by not going with one of the bigger companies? And roughly how much do they charge? (They don't seem to have info on their websites)

Any info would be greatly appreciated 😊

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JoyDiva Wed 12-Sep-18 14:29:49

Our baby doesn't like to bathe in the bathroom. There are tortures for him. We cann't possibly interest him. We bought different toys for the bathroom, told interesting stories and tried to distract the child.
Not in any.
How did you teach your child to swim?

Found these baby bath accessories. Maybe to buy something?

Papillion86 Wed 12-Sep-18 22:21:17

I and a group of friends just take our babies swimming. Started at about three months and try and go once a week. By swimming I mean we let them float, kick and generally splash about.
My DS is my first and personally I didn't want to waste money on swimming lessons at such a young age when they're only in the pool a small amount of time. My friend agreed (this is her second) as she took her first for swimming lessons at about six months and said there was no real benefit. Other people might have better/different advice x

PaulMorel Thu 13-Sep-18 09:36:58

It would be best if you check other companies offering baby swimming. You can compare the range of prices for the said service. Some other companies may be a bit expensive.

enidlowrij Thu 13-Sep-18 19:53:22

i did 4 chapters with waterbabies 155 each. it was structured, organised with warm water. it really does teach them, after i say his name then ready go he cleses his eyes ready to go under water and he holds on to the side and tries to climb out and when let go under water swims to top. hes super confident in the water. hes 14 months now and knows to search for the side of the pool and not let go if im not holding onto him. its amazing how much they understand. he now goes to a cheaper swim lesson which is much more playful abd less organised and less lesson like, he has tons of fun there but dont think hell learn as much but im happy that hes having more fun at this one. hell have plenty time to learn to swim. i really enjoy going with him.

ElyElyOy Fri 14-Sep-18 20:38:20

Personally I would go with the leisure centre one: the national ones are loads more expensive! Just because they give them a certificate and do “levels” doesn’t mean they are any better than the cheaper ones.

My son has been going to cheapie leisure centre ones and they have been great for him. The instructor is in the water and works with small groups (5 max) and it’s a short lesson which she adapts based on how progress is going rather than set “levels”. He could swim under water before he was a year old and hold on the edge etc.

If your baby is prem maybe get a bodysuit. It helped my preemie retain his body heat and not tire as quickly. But swimming really helped his muscle tone so it was really worth it smile

starpatch Fri 14-Sep-18 22:19:59

I took mine to baby swimming. After a while I realised he didn't like swimming under water. So I would recommend being aware your child might not like that aspect. I still took him swimming loads which he enjoyed. Later he taught himself to swim but learnt underwater first! So I think the baby lessons did have a positive impact on him. I'm sorry I can't remember which company it was but certainly give the leisure centre ones a go.

Sar4h Sun 14-Oct-18 09:50:04

We have taken our DD to waterbabies and its wonderful. She will be swimming underwater on her own today at 3 months old and having only done 5 lessons. They do routines to teach babies water safety so if they were to fall in they would know what to do. The chapters are quite expensive compared to your lesuire centre at £160 for 10 lessons but for us have been absolutely worth it. It has also been a great opportunity for my partner to really bond with her when mummy isn't around. 😊😍

Hope that helps. It's so much fun - enjoy!!

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