5 year old still in night time nappies - normal??

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Cloud9889 Mon 10-Sep-18 07:41:06

My son has a full nappy after every night pretty much and he’s in year 1, just turned 5. Is this normal? He is toilet trained other than that and would get out of bed for a wee if awake!

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KingLooieCatz Mon 10-Sep-18 12:40:15

It's not that unusual. I think typically your GP would wait until they are at least 7 before trying to help, but please don't take medical advice off a stranger on the internet, just saying for context. We used "Stop bedwetting in seven days" by Alicia Eaton and have had more dry nights but it's not solved yet. If you look at reviews for the book it does solve it for some kids.

Peace425 Tue 11-Sep-18 09:55:20

My DD was 5 when we stopped using nappies at night. I was a bit cautious about stopping, but she wanted to, so we tried it. She always has a waterproof cover on the mattress, just in case.

We would make her have a wee before bed, told her to shout in the night if she needed one and she had to get up and go straight to the toilet in the morning. But if your son is doing them in his sleep, then that advice would be a starting point, but may not solve it.

My attitude was - does it really matter? No-one knows they have a nappy at night, and they will eventually get it.

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