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DD 13 period issues

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Waltzingmatilda65 Sun 09-Sep-18 18:52:06

Ok bit worried about DD now 13 she started her periods last summer and never told me also hid it from me I was quite disappointed she hadn’t said anything as I thought we were close and had talked about it beforehand etc.
Anyway she chucks used sanitary towels and blood stained knickers and PJ bottoms in her wardrobe from time to time and makes her bed and unless I check she’ll sleep on blood stained sheets etc etc.
I have tried to talk calmly and nicely to her many time and she has a book from school etc etc. I have even showed her how to use the washing machine in case it’s embarrassment etc etc. I have just gutted her bedroom and found 4 pits of blood stained knickers, umpteen sanitary towel wrappers, soiled PJ bottoms and a dirty bed sheet which has gone right through to the mattress protector.
Anyway she won’t tell me when she’s started her periods and refuses to write it on a calendar, in diary/notebook or use an app.
I am sure she has had at least three or four periods in the last 6 weeks. Should I be worried?
She has dyslexia sometimes she is very sensible other times she is very immature.

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Rainatnight Sun 09-Sep-18 23:56:06

I don't have any direct experience of this but it sort of sounds like she's in denial. Literally shutting the cupboard door on it and pretending it's not happening.

Have you had a gentle chat with her about how she feels about her period? Do you think there might be something about it that's bothering her?

Waltzingmatilda65 Mon 10-Sep-18 12:00:28

Yes we have had several gentle chats about it. She’s definitely in denial.

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