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Reward Chart!

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TessaM Fri 07-Sep-18 11:54:14

My older son saw a need for motivating his younger brother to do the household chores, came up with this reward chart that rewards him with a card when he completes his daily tasks, and it worked! My older son wraps each card in tin foil the night before and sticks it on the fridge for the next day. This makes my younger son excited to see what card it will be and which bit he has to colour! There are also activity sheets that come with every 4th card (a 'super card'). So his little brother has even started asking each day what his tasks are! My older son has now started a little shop on Etsy so that other parents can do the same for their kids. Parents will get a PDF to print and making the cards is easy, and so is the chart. There are two packs, one vehicle pack and one animal pack (links below). It would be great if his project could have some support! smile

Animal pack:

Vehicles pack:

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