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3 year old attacking me

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mum2benicole Sun 02-Sep-18 20:53:02

My son who's not that long gone 3 has been doing this for a while now but is getting worse. He hits bites nips spits scratches and kicks me to bits. It's mostly on a night time but has started to happen daytime and even when grandparents are there and others. It's like he turns from a lovely child to a evil one in a second. I've tried naughty step and time out but nothing helps I'm not sure what he's doing it for I have to move away from him to cool off but he's started doing it to his sister now.
He had grommets put in inay this year as he was mostly deaf and did the aggressive stuff before they got done, but it's now worse than ever and he has full hearing. I'm running out of options and I can't deal with being hurt anymore what can I do / who can I speak to about finding out what his game is or is there something eles going on medically.
Any thoughts welcome thanks x

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TakeMe2Insanity Tue 04-Sep-18 14:31:40

We have similar problems with our nearly 3 yo ds. We’ve recently started repeating the rules, he’d learnt ‘no eat soap’ from nursery so we’ve added ‘no pinching’ etc to it and just keep repeating it. It is working but I think thats because he’d already learnt one rule.

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