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My 8 year old is an asshole.

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civicxx Sun 02-Sep-18 12:45:57

who I absolutley adore the bones of, of course

I do not know what is wrong with my 8 year old daughter. She has turned from a polite, playful soul to the most irritating human in the last 3 months.

Absolutley NOTHING is good enough. She speaks to us like were idiots most of the time and eyerolling is the new blink. Doesn't believe anything we say ie
'What time is it?'
'Its 5.05'
'No its not' (waits for clock to change to 5.06 and then tells us its 5.06) RAGE
Low and behold you ask her to pick her shoes up off the floor your met with a response as if I have asked her to pull the sword from the stone with her pinky finger. The response is never 'Ok Mum'.

She leaves the lights on, the xbox on, the front door OPEN when she comes in, documements every single thing shes doing out loud... wait now I sound like the asshole
I know shes a child & I know shes only 8 & leaving lights on etc is just something that children slip up on sometimes but absolutley everything she says/does at the moment is so annoying that silly little things that used to be nothing are now big things!

She cant walk through the shops without dancing around, cant walk past a mirror without sticking her face in it making some cringy action, she cant even answer a question these days without using a silly voice or action at some point. She does everything 3mph or in a complete dopey like state. Jeeeez and dont even try and have a joke with her, your met with screams about how mean we are & tears. Its got to the point now where nobody wants to do anything with her, Grandparents included as the smallest of tasks are now exhusting. Playing games are a no go because if you move your counter 4 spaces shell pick up the dice and double check, or make out you rolled a 3 when it was 4. Xbox games - if she cant do it first time she doesnt want to know. Reading? 'God Mum how boring' .. from the child thats read every Edin Blyton book. Coloring? For babies. Trampoline park? Already been. Cinema? Only if I can have popcorn (Well you would have got popcorn but you sure as hell arent getting it now thats the only reason your saying you'll go) Tea out? We always go here/I dont like it there/ only if we can have this/that etc.

The thought of a family day out at the moment is an abolute no. So much so im sure my partner is having a serious lie in this morning as just to not deal with her as her mouth ran off with her to him at 07.50 this morning over NOTHING.

Me & my partner are at our wits end. I am hoping this is some kind of crazy age 8 stage! HELP!

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AjasLipstick Sun 02-Sep-18 12:57:46

Are you American?

civicxx Sun 02-Sep-18 13:03:33


No, how come?

Daughter does watch a lot of American TV?

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jannier Sun 02-Sep-18 20:29:40

What do you do when she's out of order?

Some of the things you describe like pulling faces in a mirror are not unusual and not sure why you react to it.

If you are giving lots of attention for unwanted behaviour try changing it so she gets the attention for positive things make some one to one time with you and her and daddy and her this could be just chatting, doing nails, cooking whatever but just her time.
Does she have a choice in the activities or is it always your decision? Could you give her a choice then if she doesn't decide say well its this or that if both are boring okay well stay in and play then ignoring the I'm board. children need to be board to learn to be creative so don't worry about it.
Decide on which behaviours are really not acceptable and work out some consequences then stick to it, after you've told her what they will be, 2 warnings then act.
Maybe look at earning stuff like screen time rather than it being an automatic right. Id ditch some of the lippy American programmes if they are giving her the ideas on attitude.

lu9months Tue 04-Sep-18 19:44:10

sympathies! my 8 year old DD can be VERY hard work at times. with my older kids i found noel janis nortons books helpful and i keep meaning to go back to reading them again. sensible , calm parenting focussing on positive feedback and reducing feedback for negative behaviour. good luck!

gettingbacktoresearch Sat 08-Sep-18 03:14:33

My eight year old is the same! And she was watching quite a few American programmes and so we have banned those for now and also YouTube! Drives me nuts!

I also think hormones are kicking in and am dreading the next few years!

Current delight is lying in bed screaming to me at 1 that she needs water or can’t sleep! Then screaming if I ignore her and when I take away her TV or tablet she screams and cry’s that I’m ruining her life!

You have my sympathies

Darkay Tue 18-Sep-18 02:55:39

This sounds like my 9 year, I don't understand what she needs as my hormones are all over the show, one minute she loves me the next it's a battle of wills over the colour of the sky, I am so tired of asking for everything multiple times and fighting. I take a breath stay calm, praise her when she does something right, but still her mouth shoots off and I feel like a minion, I am not sure if it's hormones or there is a problem either 😢

civicxx Thu 11-Oct-18 23:49:51

Did anybodys kids stop acting up? Our little delight has improved significantly in the last few weeks however she still has her moments, but I guess thats just children smile I think the lack of routine in the school holiday messed things up quite a lot, plus we had a few harsh punishments thrown in and i think for now were going steady on the mouth running away! touch wood

Also, we banned American TV shows & any shite on YouTube of 'challenges' etc. & apart from the occasional all famous Fortnite moves (we dont let her play shes just picked them up in the playground) she is able to now walk in a straight line though the shopping centre! Horay!

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mrsoutnumbered Fri 12-Oct-18 11:07:28

My daughter is 9 in December and is very similar OP! It must be their age!

I am trying to let it all go over my head, but if she is rude then she gets her tablet taken away!

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