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3 yr old unresponsive to praise/discipline.

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VicariousParent Fri 31-Aug-18 19:22:13

Per the title I have a three year old who doesn't seem to understand the connection between consequences and behavior. Originally, I thought we weren't doing a good job of explaining the connection so we made a focused effort to identify why he was being disciplined or rewarded based on his behavior but doing so doesn't appear to make any difference in the choices he makes. Occasionally, he'll even come to us to let us know he's done something wrong and put himself in timeout but seems to treat it as if it's a reward. Compounding this is an overwhelming and seemingly random fear of everything, even situations he's familiar with. For example, we have him in martial arts classes and were very excited because he was actually participating. This was the first time he'd ever even tried an activity. During our sixth week of participation the class did a circle run around the room. He became so terrified he ran out crying and refuses to go back. The confusing part was that he was just sitting next to the instructor watching. We're very confused and have no idea how to address this. Any help would be much appreciated.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 02-Sep-18 02:14:15

Was this a Martial Arts class especially forctoddlercand pre-schoolers OP? 3 seems very little to be doing Martial Arts. My DD begged to go at 4.5 and she’s the youngest they’ve ever had at her sessions.

What sort of things is he doing that you’re not happy with? If he’s in childcare, have you spoken to his key worker about your concerns?

Rebecca36 Sun 02-Sep-18 02:47:36

He is only three, not much more than a baby. You may be expecting too much of him.

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