Baby stopped weaning at 10 months and won't touch solids

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enidlowrij Thu 13-Sep-18 21:57:23

my son did exactly this then a week after he turned one he started eating again. dont worry babies are strange little things and anything can put them off food.

beccii161016 Tue 28-Aug-18 19:26:49

Try not to worry too much - as the saying goes "food is for fun until one". It does sound as though she's probably teething and she may possibly be having a developmental leap (there's definitely one around that age). It sounds like there's just a lot going on for her and she's lost her interest.

I'd keep offering her finger foods, plenty of variety just incase she's a little fussy. Maybe not purées as such but foods like yogurts and porridge could be good if you want her to try and use a spoon and see if she prefers that. Littles ones are so strange in the way their minds work sometimes, I know my DS flat out refused to eat with a spoon because he wanted a fork instead!

If she doesn't resume interest when the teething seems to have passed I'd go to GP and see if there's anything they can help you with. Nutrition wise don't worry though as she'll still be getting it all from her milk smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 28-Aug-18 18:20:28

I would take her to the GP and explain that she hadn’t eaten solids for 2 months and ask them to check her ears, throatcand tummy. Get them to check and record her weight and height too. If she needs referring the Paed will need these measurements as a baseline.

Are you giving a decent multivitamin, preferably one with iron?

Have you offered her finger foods regularly? It’s pretty normal for them to play with the good a fair bit smile

user1484843368 Tue 28-Aug-18 11:15:53


Hi there, I'm hoping someone out there has some words of wisdom as my LO stopped eating at 10 months, she was on 3 meals a day, and is now a year but won't touch solids - that's 2 months with no solids!!

It's not the taste as I've made her lots of stuff and wiped it on her lips, she licks it off with appreciation but won't eat more.

She shakes her head at the pot of food without knowing what's in it and refuses grabbing her ears (suggesting teething pain).

Baby led weaning has led to her pushing food around her high chair without a bit going in her mouth. Health visitor said to let her play with purees and food laden spoons at her high chair (instead of Baby led stuff) but this has actually confused her over the spoon eating issue more. She has played with an empty spoon and bowl since little and this did not confuse her.

Anyone out there had similar? Thanks JN

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