How do I deal with a spoilt nephew?

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Hunnybunny345 Mon 27-Aug-18 19:39:36

So let me start but saying me and my husband don't make as much as my sister and brother in law but we live a comfortable live.

So we had been thinking long and hard about what to gift our nephew on his 4 birthday. We decided to get him a new school/p.e bag, water bottle, and pj's all with a train theme as he is mad for anything trains. So he arrives at his gran and grandads house and makes a beeline straight to him presents without saying hello. Grandad gives him his first present which was ours. Nephew rips open the cards and then doesn't even look at the name on the card and then throws it on the floor as it has no money in it!!! He then picks up our gifts all at once looks in the bottle of the bag and then throws those on the floor!!! My heart broke!!!.

He then gets handed another gift, this time from a family friend!!! He rips of a little piece of wrapping paper and it's only a Hornby train!!! Well he decided that he will carry on opening it later. He then says we're is my other present!!! Grandad then hands him his and grans, he rips the paper off and it an all singing all dancing lego train!!! What he wanted and asked for!!! He then says we're are my other presents!!! That was it, he had opened them all, and he then went into a meltdown!!! I just couldn't believe it. I was shocked but not really surprised by his behaviour!!! He had a meltdown at my 1year old sons birthday party play pass the parcel cause he did win!!! I just don't know how to handle it, and I really don't want my son to grow up like that. His gran and grandad panda to him (nephew) and say he is just a baby, he is not!!! He is starting school in September, it's just upsets me!!! I know he is not my child but still he is a spoilt brat!!!!

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