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4YO boys?

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Char2707 Sun 26-Aug-18 20:37:59

Evening all, hoping someone can give me some helpful advice?

My 4YO boy is being aggressive and violent towards my 6YO girl. It has been like this for sometime and I have tried a few avenues: naughty step/time out, a getting along tshirt, taking away toys, shouting. But nothing seems to work. Today we went to a play centre and he punched her in the nose and caused it to bleed. We left as soon as I had sorted my girl out. I am not sure what else I can do? He is pretty aggressive to me also, he raises his fist and says things like: im going to break your head off and im going to send you to jail.

He also seems like he doesn't understand consequences, for instance we have a dog (french bulldog) and boy is so loud that it makes dog very nervous to which she will make low growling sounds, i will ask him to stop as dogs are unpredictable and dog could bite him, but it seems to make him worse.

Thanks for reading, sorry its long I could have said more but just hoping someone can help a mumma out. Xx

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