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Stream of breastmilk coming out of baby's nose when breastfeeding

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womanofthesun Thu 23-Aug-18 16:14:35

Baby is 14 weeks and this has been happening a lot lately. It would happen occasionally before but now it happens most feeds.

Anyone else have experience of this and what it might signal (if anything)?

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SoHumble Thu 23-Aug-18 17:48:09

It might indicate a sub-mucous cleft palate. It’s definitely worth a trip to the GP to get this ruled out flowers

loveskaka Thu 23-Aug-18 20:32:32

Yeh, I agree with SoHumble. X

summernight Sat 25-Aug-18 21:41:20

Definitely straight to GP and HV. Could indicate sub mucous cleft or an issue with poor soft palate movement.

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