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14 month old development concerns

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maggiolata Wed 22-Aug-18 23:07:47

I taught my boy how to pick up baby food and stuff them in his mouth when he was 9 months old. He could do this perfectly with most of his baby food (sticks, rings, even some fruits). We then went on a 4-day travel and didn't help him practice much during that time. When we came back, he completely forgot how to do that. I spent lots of time training him to self feed but had very little progress.

Up until today, the best thing he can do is to grab the food from my hand, put it in his mouth and throw the rest away, no matter how much time we practice. He actually does the same thing with his toys - or anything he can pick up. The only action he would engage with a toy is to pick up and throw, then he walks to the toy and pick it up then throw again, rinse and repeat.

I take him to a children activity center every week and have him try different toys but it's all the same so far. I read some books and try the role model playing technique and didn't get me anywhere either. Even a few minutes ago he still cannot constantly grab the food until it's finished, always throwing them away after the first bite.

Is there a suggested way to train him self feed? As well as encourage him to try different actions other than throwing?

Thank you all for the help.

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Singingitoverandoverandover Wed 22-Aug-18 23:31:45

So you are concerned he is taking some food and throwing the rest? What food is it? Maybe he doesn’t like it? Or it’s just a new learned behaviour and he likes the reaction he gets when he throws ? Especially if he does it with toys too.

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