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Can anyone please help ?

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Isabella26xx Wed 22-Aug-18 18:35:26

I'm really worried
I can feel a big lump (hard) on the back of my 9 month's old gum
right at the back on the left hand side
It's basically where your maybe find a wisdom teeth coming through?

I only found it yesterday just because she put a toy in her mouth so gripped it out with my fingers, knew straight away it didn't feel right as there wasn't anything on her right side!

I've done a a mad google search can't find if it's related to teething? It seems to show adults with cysts on guns and something about Epstein pearls that are white?

The only thing is I can't have a look as it's right at the back, tried to prise her mouth open much to her dislike but she won't have any of it obviously! I can only feel it and does feel big

Also, she's been extra fussy today and wanted stuff in her mouth only cool stuff
So it could be bothering her
Any one have any idea what it is? And what I can do Thanks so much

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JiltedJohnsJulie Thu 23-Aug-18 08:40:21

I’d give her things to cool her mouth like big chunks of cucumber, homemade ice lollies and cold, clean, wet cloths to chew on and give your Dentist a call and see if they will have a look.

PaulMorel Thu 23-Aug-18 09:22:15

Consult your doctor about that. It's better that they are the one's who will check what's going on with your baby.

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