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7yo puberty?!!

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wiltingfast Tue 21-Aug-18 19:22:04

My 7y4m dd seems to be showing signs of puberty.

My dh noticed some hair under her arms in June. There was no other sign whatsoever so after some googling I didn’t worry too much.

However this week I think she definitely has breast buds and her hips to me look like they have widened a bit.

She’s also v moody.

I feel quite alarmed and that she is way too young for this. I’m going to bring her to my GP but has anyone any experience of it? She’s tall too but my dh’s family is v tall anyway.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 22-Aug-18 06:41:20

No experience of this sorry OP. Sounds like you might have to join us over on the pre-teens section.

Let us know how you get on at the GP thanks

wiltingfast Wed 22-Aug-18 09:16:34

I'll post over there and see if anyone has any experience they can share. Thank you! Didn't know about that section...

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Dandysham Fri 24-Aug-18 15:07:07

Yep my daughter is the same, changes like body odour and needing deodorant started at 6, she's the tallest in her class and Dr said as we're both tall she'll be a tall adult so her body is just starting things earlier because it thinks it's older?! Told us not to worry when she got some very fine underarm hair, but I do worry in case she now goes through puberty full steam ahead at 6,7,8 and then has periods way too young to cope with them!

Dandysham Fri 24-Aug-18 15:19:36

P.s I do know friends whose daughters are getting some body hair and breast buds at 8, and they are saying although it's still quite young, it seems fairly normal these days for it to start at that age. Then these girls can often start their periods early like at 10. Friend said they have sanitary bins in the year 5 & 6 toilets and have to admit I was shocked that young girls are starting their periods as young as 9 now. When I was growing up it was 11-12 with most of my friends, but I guess 20 odd years later our children's bodies are developing sooner, 9-10 must be considered fairly average now if the year 5&6 girls toilets have sanitary bins in? It was bad enough at 11 for me so I feel sorry for girls having to deal with periods at 9 or 10

wiltingfast Mon 27-Aug-18 13:31:20

Yeah I got them at 11 and I would hate to see her with them at 9. 11 was tough enough!

GP here has referred her to the endocrinology clinic.

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