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6 year old suddenly very anxious at night

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DamnCommandments Mon 20-Aug-18 19:47:51

My 6 year old, who has always been the best sleeper known to man, is now refusing to go to bed. It's been going on for the whole summer holidays (we're overseas and broke up in mid-June). Three times she's got herself so worked-up she's made herself sick. She can't sleep without someone with her. When we've been away and she has been room-sharing (either with us or her sister) it's been no problem. Airbeds, z-beds, double beds, tents, hotels, whatever - all no problem as long as she's not alone.

What the hell can I do? Right now I'm sitting in her room. If I don't, she'll cry and calm down, and cry, and calm down and eventually, at about 22:30 throw up and then go to sleep. What is going ON?!

Naturally she's fine in the day and completely incapable of articulating the problem... Sigh... She goes back to school this week, so I'm hoping the routine will help, but of course it's a new teacher etc etc. Has anyone had a primary school age child go through this and come out the other side? She's always been so good about sleep that this has thrown me for a loop.

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DamnCommandments Mon 20-Aug-18 20:19:04

Still sitting here... I swear this is usually the child who will just turn over and fall asleep. How has this happened?!

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