What do I do about 6 year olds behaviour?

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SpotsAndZigZags Mon 20-Aug-18 18:01:07

DDs behaviour is just getting worse and worse.
Simple things I have to say about 6-7 times, usually she ends up saying no, talking over me or covering her ears. When shes sent to time out she screams, slams her door repeatedly and stamps on the floor for ages, once shes quiet I'll talk to her but it usually takes multiple attempts before she'll stop rolling her eyes or looking away/covering her ears.
Meal times even if its something she likes she moans the whole time, slides off her seat repeatedly.

If she wants something she'll interrupt and continue to talk over us if im talking to DP or someone else, then refuse to stop interrupting until sent to timeout, which results in the screaming and door slamming.

Every day to day thing is a constant battle, she answers back or is rude constantly, won't stop something if asked to.

At school she behaves, so she knows how to its just with us and other family members that shes like this.

We've tried sticker charts, treat jar so its visible what shes earning, consequences eg. If she screams about getting ready to go out then we don't go, plenty of one on one time/praising good behaviour, a 'feelings bear' to hold and talk about how shes feeling and then hand to us to take turns talking through it, timeout, but nothing seems to help.

Does anyone have any advice?

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