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lovemyprince Mon 20-Aug-18 03:35:29

My 10 month old was 10 month on the 19th and for the past week week and a half he's been waking up at 3 in the morning then back up at like 5 then at 6 if I'm not paying attention to h makes noise until he's crying and he's got to the point where he had is up at 3,4 and half 5 so by the time I've got up with him at 5 I've been ready for bedtime he's normally sleeps from 6 6.30 until that time the next morning. I've stayed at me grandmas one night with him and he slept all night but come back home and the same think has happened any advice because he's absolutely shattered come half 5 on a night time and I'm keeping him up until about 20 past half 6 on a night time

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Mummyinlove1987 Tue 21-Aug-18 14:41:49

Is he teething? Or perhaps he is having a busy spell with growing and developing that is affecting his sleeping.I would think it is just a phase and probably won't last long (not that it makes it any easier at the time!) My little girl is nearly 18 months but has always been a bad sleeper (she hasn't even slept through the night yet!) but I do find her sleep is worse when she has teeth coming through or is having a growth spurt.You say he goes to bed at 6, could you try adjusting his naps or routine so he goes to bed abit later? Maybe then he will sleep better.Its really hard when you're feeling tired, definitely sleep when he naps if you can!

lovemyprince Tue 21-Aug-18 14:46:07

He went to bed for just after 7 last night and was asleep until 5.45 this morning he's always been such a good sleeper he's got his 2 front top teeth coming in atm but he slept no bother when his front 2 come in and he's nearly crawling and pulling him self up on me and stuff atm so thinking it might have something to do with that

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