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5 year old fits of rage

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Mummy2diva Sun 19-Aug-18 22:53:15

My 5 year old daughter has horrendous meltdowns that sometimes become violent. As a toddler she was great, no issues at 2 or 3 when you would expect the meltdowns.
At nearly 4 she suddenly developed an issue going to sleep at night. Took hours to settle. Up until then she had been amazing, self settle and slept for 12+ hours. Shes always had a very strict bedtime routine and nothing had changed. Many GP visits and referral later we were told starting nursery may have unsettled her and she may suffer with a bit of anxiety.
Anyhow, the last week has been hell, she started school last week and had screaming my meltdowns the days leading up to it. She was upset going in to school, however they assure me she is having fun
Whilst there. She has been coming out happy and full of chat, she just doesn't like us leaving her, has always had a bit of an issue with separation anxiety.
She was happy over weekend, however today she was awful, screaming, crying, hitting, when asked to do something she would just refuse, wasn't concerned that we were upset. This went on for a couple of hours. She was so angry. My initial thought is that starting school has unsettled her, however I've never seen this rage in her before. I am dreading school drop off.
Any advice appreciated.

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