4yo not going for a wee when he needs to

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countingelephants Sat 18-Aug-18 15:42:19

DS just turned 4. He was late to train and was in nappies until 3.5 but has been dry during the day since about March. In April he had a UTI, was very poorly, needed two lots of ABs and scans on his bladder and kidneys which were all fine.

He will NEVER ever go to the toilet without being prompted. I’m having to remember to tell him to go, and he usually asks for help with every element of it - pulling clothes down, back up again, everything. If I’m feeding the baby he gets to the door to go then tries to sneak off and play with his toys (he can go by himself but prefers me to go with him). I know I could just leave him to it but I'm terrified he’ll give himself another UTI if I don’t remind him. He starts school in September.

Anyone any advice?

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