Tell me your success stories - when did your 3 year old grow out of being a little shit

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Pansy0926 Sat 18-Aug-18 14:08:36

I’m at my wits end. Love DS1 to bits and I give him attention and am consistent with discipline but he is a little monster. He hurts me by accident and then laughs when I tell him he has hurt me. He stomps on the floor because he knows it makes me anxious (downstairs neighbours can be arseholes). He shouts at the top of his voice constantly and it’s bad because DH does the night shift and needs quiet to sleep in our tiny flat and it’s not easy. We go out each day to burn energy but it does nothing for his attitude. And this is before he starts really being naughty. He kicks, bites, scratches, soils himself, spits, runs away and hides in shops or on the street and calls me names. I have ways of dealing with all of this but it happens again. DH gets it just as bad.

I have a three month old too and yes I realise this is almost certainly sibling rivalry/jealousy but he ruins even our one on one time by being awful. I make sure to spend time with him one on one and so does DH.

ANYWAY. I’m satisfied with our discipline methods (after trying a billion ways) and I know it’s sibling rivalry to an extent but I’m tired and rather than hear about what I should try next, I could really do with hearing some success stories. When did your child stop being a little shit(if they were )? And is DS2 likely to be the same? I just can’t face this if it’s going to go on until he’s 5,6,7 or older.

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Pansy0926 Sat 18-Aug-18 18:30:19

I guess it’s permanent then lol

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JacNaylor Sat 18-Aug-18 23:09:54

Ds was a gorgeous toddler who became a pita around 3.5. He really pushed the boundaries. Not sure exactly when he stopped but he gradually matured over the course of a year until by the about 4 years 10 months (summer holiday) he was an angel and really easy to manage. A year on and he's still pretty easy although developing a bit of back chat and attitude. I think they go through lovely phases all their lives just to try us halo

Pansy0926 Sat 18-Aug-18 23:44:19

Good to hear your little one has improved, it gives me hope.

I never expected parenting to be a walk in the park, but I didn’t imagine it being this hard. I knew plenty of parents growing up and now who produced half decent offspring with minimal effort (going out partying every night, leaving kids alone or allowing them to stay over at anyone’s house) and it’s kind of made me think it wouldn’t be too hard to have nice, well adjusted children, especially as I had all these ideas of raising my children ‘properly’ ie actually being a good mum unlike those others.

However, despite adoring my kids, making sure they have everything they need, not spoiling them, keeping them well fed, googling child psychology at 3am and just generally doing my best and putting everything into being a good son acts like some of supernanny’s worst at times. I wonder if the more you want to make it work the harder it is on you emotionally.

Ah well, both kids are in bed and I have a coffee so I can gather strength for the trials tomorrow!

Haha sorry I am so over dramatic but none of my friends are mums so confessing what a horror DS can be literally shocks them and I just KNOW (because I did it) they are probably judging my parenting skills, even if they don’t want to be. So I tend not to talk about it.

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